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How To Conserve Energy When your Away

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What’s Better? Leave your heat on, or turn it off when you leave the house?

One of our Fayetteville, NC customers had a very good question for us regarding their heat during the winter season. They asked, “What’s Better? Leave your heat on or turn it off when you leave the house?”. We asked Joe, our resident heating and air conditioning expert in the Fayetteville NC area this question and he told us this:

It’s better to keep your heat running consistently at a lower temperature, rather than turning your HVAC system completely off. Just think of what your house walls are made of. It’s the outside wall, some studs, insulation, then the inner wall. Now think of what’s inside your house such as couches, beds, rugs, etc. When you turn off your heat on your HVAC system, all the materials start to lose their heat. Now your house becomes cold. To get your home to a comfortable level, you have to heat up the cold air within it and the materials that make up the walls and the items inside your house.

Now your HVAC system has to work harder, therefore generating more energy and raising your electricity bill. So it sounds like the best way to conserve electricity during the winter months is to consistently keep your heat running consistently at a lower temperature, unless you plan on being away from your home for an extended (multiple days) amount of time.

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